Clash Royale Official Guide


Clash Royale is one of the fashion games currently for mobile devices. A game that combines letters and strategy set in the world of Clash of Clans, known set of leftovers, so we want to talk about then all their tricks to be able to go forward. Then all the tricks of Clash Royale: climb fast level, letters, chests and battles.

clash royale minions

The Clash Royale is included within the:

Fast level up is something essential and all nothing more start aficionar us to ClashRoyale play is something that we will want to do. It is actually what is known as the”King Level”, upper level, which is rather difficult to achieve, but not impossible to reach.
It may interest you:
If you want to begin to level up while you’re playing, it will be as I say difficult, but you have some “tricks” such as:
Join a clan. If you join a clan, you can automatically get experience to level up points.
Donate cards. If you donate cards to your friends for game will see you rewarded with will award 5 experience points + 3 gems.
Beat arenas. When you’ve reached l sand 2, you will have a reward of 5 points + 3 gems.
In addition, 20 letters. If you get 20 cards from chests (for example), you can get a total of 5 experience points + 3 gems.
Attentive and watch a TV Royale battle. If you stand and look at a battle in the TV Royale (lower right of all icon), you can earn more points. experience that will allow you to level up.
Level it up to the characters.

If you do an “upgrade” to the characters spend coins, but instead raise them level and pass we will raise our level of Clash Royale king.
All the tricks of Clash Royale: letters Guide on how to use charachters
With the cards you can train armies so that they are important. To do this you must know what are, for they serve and what we can get from each of them.
With every battle only we can use 8 cards, therefore you should know them well and thereby achieving superior combinations. To start you should know that there are three main types of charts: common, rare and epic.

Common cards

Go out more often and are part of all the chests, whether type what are. The characters that appear in these letters have less resistance and power what cards rare or epic characters. They are as follows:
Horde of minions
Goblin with spear

These are letters that form your army at the beginning of the game and although they are low-power, are very useful to combine them with other more powerful the other types of cards cards.

Rare cards

They are more important than the common cards, but they appear less often in the chests of gold and magic chests. The characters of these letters possess a greater life bar and inflict more damage on our enemies. They are as follows:Mini P.E.K.K.A
Collector’s elixir
Pig rider
Tower pump
Tower Inferno
Goblin cabin
Barbarian cabin
Ball of fire
We can combine with the characters of the common cards, so it is also valuable to level hikes.

EPIC cards

The cards harder to acquire and more powerful than all the others. We only have them inside the magic chests. They are as follows:

P.E.K.K.A.Clash Royale
Baby Dragon
Giant skeleton
Army of skeletons
Goblin in barrel

We have fourteen letters of each type, and a maximum of 42 letters. But, remember that you can only use eight.
Next to the division by type, the letters are also divided into: letters of troop (used for attack and Defense), letters of construction (they protect a location or make appear new troops), and letters of spell, (attack and defence), although the latter only can use them once.

All the tricks and guide on how to open chests

The chests are important as a reward since they are a source of income. We can get them with every battle that we win, with which we will receive a chest by battle and they will have things like cards, gems, and gold, but you have to know that there are various types of chests.
Wooden chests: they are free chests and are recharged every four hours. In elloso are always going to find gold, gems, and two letters (although those of less power). They are the best to collect gems even though they are the only ones that contain them and we need them to move forward. The best thing is to get in the game at least every eight hours, since we can only accumulate